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Let us share our musical passion!


Let us share our musical passion!


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Our Story

Martini Garden's mission is to bring peace, love and healing to the world one song at a time"

Martini Garden is a musical collaboration of Christine LoPiano on vocals, Jim LoPiano songwriter and guitarist, Mike McBride on drums, Rich Cunningham on bass, and Miriam Hubbard on background vocals. 

The band's home port of call is on Long Island, NY where you can hear the band perform all their original lineup of songs.  

Their first album was "Give a Little Love", released in 2013, and their new album is being released in 2019 and is called "We've Got to Love One Another"


What Inspires Us

Our desire to share our music and bring fun, love and joy to people is what is our inspiration.  Making our friends happy, and hearing Jim's songwriting come to life! 


Our Influences

Martini Garden was formed in 2007 and performs an organic mix of blues, jazz, and rock music, described in the press as "Stevie Wonder meets the Eagles.".